In Real Estate there is a variety of tasks that must be completed. To serve you and to do so in an efficient and cost-conscious manner, each member of our team is important. Once our office has received and reviewed a copy of your real estate contract, we will be happy to open your file and perform all the necessary related Land Titles and tax searches.

Next, one of our dedicated and experienced Legal Assistants will gather and prepare the appropriate documentation in preparation for your appointment to sign them with Jim.  In the meantime, should you have any questions, one of our Legal Assistants will be happy to help.

Because Jim values personal contact with his clients, he is committed to reviewing and executing all transactions face-to-face with you. However, should you contact our office to discuss your file at a time prior to an arranged meeting with Jim, then the appropriate contact would be with one of our Legal Assistants who do the day-to-day work on your file and as such would be better suited to serve you.

Prior to your sale or purchase, your file is thoroughly reviewed by Jim and the actual meeting for review of your file and execution of documents is with Jim. You can appreciate a large amount of Jim’s time is spent in meetings serving clients.

Having said all of this, we understand Real Estate transactions can demand very quick responses. If you contact our office with a concern, everyone is available to receive your concerns so that the matter can be handled as efficiently as possible.